Thursday, 16 November 2017

The 300 Beach Challenge: Hemmick Beach

I knew that taking photos of every beach in Cornwall was not going to be easy, but I didn't expect it to become such a challenge on the second beach!

Hemmick Beach is a gorgeous, but tucked away beach about 9 miles away from the town of St Austell, and when I say it's tucked away, I'm not kidding. It's not easy to find, and once you find it, it's not easy to access either!

After navigating the terrifying Cornish roads, you come to a National Trust Car Park and you need to park here and walk from there. Don't be tempted to drive it, you're not really supposed to and your car will get ruined by the branches. It's not the ideal beach for someone with mobility issues, because it is so steep, but if someone is willing to drive you down then take advantage of that because it is worth going onto the beach.

It's a steep, but stunning walk down and you can see the perfect cottages and sea view houses that you can be really jealous of. There might be a few cows there, depending on when you go, but try not to make too much noise around them, they get scared really easily.

It is surprising how big the beach is, because at first glance it looks quite small, but through the rocks and past the caves, you will find some hidden areas and loads of space to explore.

The beach is brimming with life, from the rock pools to the seagulls, there's loads to see. It's a really popular place for dog walkers and I am told the fishing is great.

It's one of those beaches you can spend ages on, because every time you turn, you find something different.

Good luck with the walk back up!

                                                 (Found this little guy in a rock pool)

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Monday, 13 November 2017

The Challenge: Every Beach In Cornwall

Cornwall has no shortage of beaches, which is why it attracts thousands of tourists every year, they come to see the history, the magic, and the coastline. But even though I live here, it surprised me to learn that there are over 300 beaches in Cornwall!

I thought I had visited a lot of beaches since moving here in 2015, but it turns out I have barely started! My love of photography means that I am attracted to the beauty and peace of the beach, so I thought to myself, what's the point of living in a place with over 300 beaches if I don't visit every single one!

So I have decided to make it my mission to visit every single beach in Cornwall, no matter how inaccessible and remote it might be, I want to try to get a picture of every single one!

So What better time to start than on my week off? The only problem I had was deciding which beach I should start with, so after asking a colleague where to start, she suggested Gunwalloe, so off we went.

Gunwalloe beach is sort of divided into 3 different beaches (but only counts as 1), which seems to be a common theme in Cornwall, the first beach from the car park is a beautiful sandy, peaceful beach, which even in the height of summer doesn't get too busy.

The second beach has an amazing church on it, hence the beaches name of "Church Cove" I wasn't able to get to see it this time as the tide made it inaccessible. But I managed to get some pictures of the first and last beach which were just as beautiful and I will be going back once I have learned a little bit about tides, which I have to do if I want to take pictures of the beaches!

The last beach was scattered with people fishing, it's a really popular spot and I can totally see why, it's beautiful and every fisher person seemed to be doing really well!

I will definitely go back to take pictures of the church when the tide is out, but Gunwalloe / Church Cove is a beach I would definitely recommend to everyone, it's beautiful, peaceful and unspoiled. It is definitely a good start to my 300 beaches challenge!

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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Polkerris Beach

Polkerris is a tiny, but beautiful village with a beach that becomes one of the most popular places to be in summer. It might be small but that does not stop the wide range of activities such as sailing, surfing and even kayaking with hire and tuition available.

Even the walk down from the car park is a beautiful one with winding roads and greenery. You can also see the traditional cottages that are dotted along the landscape, and you'll get to be jealous about how close they live to the beach!

The beach isn't big, but it always seems to be full of life and fun, with something happening all of the time. And even if you're not big on sunbathing or sailing, you can sit in the pub garden???? or restaurant and watch everyone else do it whilst you relax with a drink!

Polkerris operates a year long dog ban on the beach, but there is a walk that you can take them on, turn right just before you get to the beach and you can go on a stunning (and very steep) walk.

Polkerris Beach might not be big, but its amazing views and relaxed atmosphere make it a wonderful place to be.

Light Editing



Still being an amateur, I didn't want to shell out a fortune for lightroom, I am told it's brilliant, but it is a little out of my price range at the moment. So I decided to go on the hunt for a cheaper or free version. And thanks to a Facebook photography group, I found one, DxO Optics Pro 11.

It was easy to download and totally free, it took a while to download but it is definitely worth the wait.

It's not an easy program to get the hang of, just the look of it can be quite overwhelming, but after a few experiments and a couple of  tutorials, I started to figure things out. 

It's a really comprehensive piece of kit, I have had it for around a month and I still haven't worked out everything it can do! But I am getting there! 

It has some amazing features, it can increase the vibrancy of colours, reduce noise and even add light where there is none. It's definitely a program I would highly recommend! 

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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Port Isaac

Anyone who has ever visited Port Isaac (or watched Doc Martin) will know just how totally stunning Port Isaac is!

It is a fishing village nestled in the north of Cornwall, and from the moment you enter Port Issac, you won't want to leave because it is just too perfect.

You are confronted with the most amazing views even from the car park, and the views throughout the whole village don't disappoint.  From the bottom car park by the sea (get there EARLY in season as it fills up so fast) it is a winding, but beautiful walk down to the center of the village and the shops. 

When you get down into the village, the beauty is made even more intense by the buzzing life of Port Issac, a working fishing village means that there is always something going on, and whilst it's not quiet, the noise is actually quite comforting.

There are so many little shops, and they sell everything from pottery and handmade trinkets to traditional seaside stuff for kids.  And if the sea air makes you hungry (which it will) you can have lunch at a beautiful pub that overlooks the harbour or the gorgeous cafe that used to be a church, take your pick!

I can't let anyone visit Port Isaac without recommending a visit to "Buttermilk" where they make the most beautiful and delicious sweets I have ever tasted in my life. Their fudge is just incredible! If you are not automatically drawn in by the amazing smell that comes from there I would be very surprised.

When the tide is out, take a walk onto the beach, from there you can admire the scenery and the boats.

Port Isaac is a generally stunning place and it is clear to see why they choose to film there.

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