Sunday, 21 May 2017

Carlyon Bay

There are so many places in Cornwall with beautiful clifftop views and Carlyon Bay is certainly no exception. Located just two and a half miles from the town of St Austell it has a beautiful clifftop walk, which is very popular with dog walkers, and an almost two mile long beach with some fantastic views.

The clifftop walk of Carlyon Bay runs alongside the stunning Carlyon Hotel, so whichever way you look you will some amazing sites. But walking along the edge of the cliff (there are fences so don't worry!) you can see much activity! From the swooping birds and the hundreds of rabbits, to the crashing sea below. You are guaranteed to see something to take your breath away.

The Carlyon Bay walk continues for miles and with no official end to it, if you walked far enough you could end up in in a different part of town. But on the way you will see some sights like a coastguard watch tower, a pretty golf course and some very lucky people's sea view houses.

Or if you are feeling in a sandy mood then try Carlyon beach. It is a short but steep walk from the car park. I recommend taking the slope rather than the steps, as on the way back up the steps are a killer! There you will be able to see some pretty impressive sights, from the surrounding cliffs to the hundreds of sea birds feeding on fish and insects.

The sea on Carlyon Beach is stunningly clear, and on a hot day it is heaven to walk in to keep yourself cool, but be warned, there is a sudden drop at one point!
During the holiday season, you will find pop up bars and restaurants which offer you the chance to have a stunning meal on the beach.
It may be a lesser know part of Cornwall but Carlyon Bay really is a place you should visit.

Carlyon cliff top walk is one of Jacks favourite places to go.

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  1. It rrally is a most beautiful place and your pictures and description have brought it to life!!!