Wednesday, 24 May 2017


The Georgian Port of Charlestown is around a mile outside of St Austell, and it is uniquely remarkable in that so much of its historical character has remained after all these years. It is almost completely unspoiled and even all of the pubs and houses seem to blend into the landscape.

Despite its tiny size, Charlestown attracts thousands of visitors every year and it has been made even more popular since they started shooting Poldark scenes there. You can see the props out during filming season and if you are very quiet, you can watch them film if you happen to see them.

One of the sets for Poldark.

Charlestown has some incredible sea views, you can venture onto the beach or simply enjoy the views from the pub beer gardens. The tall ships that come in and out of the port are impressive to see, they are beautiful, well kept and remarkably complicated, it is quite a sight to see someone actually sail one, it is an incredible skill!

Charlestown's maritime charm is made even more appealing by the Shipwreck, Rescue and Heritage Centre. There you can see the history of the Charlestown Port as well as many other oceanic adventures from around Cornwall. It is worth every penny.

St Paul's Church is also another beautiful place to see, the building itself is stunning and is only about a ten minute walk from the centre of Charlestown.

Charlestown is not a big place, but it has huge character and appeal and I would definitely recommend visiting it!

One of the Charlestown residents.

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  1. Beautiful pictures and awesome description....!!!

  2. Thank you very much. Really loving doing them and taking so many photos