Monday, 15 May 2017


The drive on the way into Tintagel is a spectacular one, the miles of rolling green countryside promise a stunning sight at the end of it and Tintagel refuses to disappoint, in fact, even the view from the car park is incredible.

It might be a small village with a population of around 2000, but Tintagel attracts tourists from all over the world every year and it is plain to see why.

Tintagel is rich not only in history with a 14th century post office and a church built around 1080, but it is also rich is in Arthurian legend with multiple references to the King all over the village. There is even a giant bronze sculpture of the man.

14th century post office.

From the beautiful views of the clifftops to the historically charged high street, Tintagel is definitely now one of my favourite places in Cornwall.

View looking up the high street.

P.S You might ask how I can do a piece on Tintagel without visiting the castle, but I think it is so impressive it should get a post all of its own at a later date.

One of many stunning views taken from Glebe Cliff.

The walk down to the beach is a beautiful one.

Waterfall on the beach.

Close up of the waterfall.

The beach is rocky but has some beautiful views.

Light reflecting inside one of  Tintagel's caves.

It's a long way back up from the beach.

A piece of old machinery.

Foxgloves growing wild on the clifftops.

A hungry Jackdaw eyeing up our picnic. 

St Materiana Parish Church.

Graveyard of the church.

Stunning stained glass window.

One of the tourists.
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  1. Amazing .... now high on my list of must visit places in Cornwall!@

    1. It's a stunning place. One of my favourites.