Thursday, 15 June 2017

Editing My Photos:The "blur" tool in GIMP

Having been brought up to think that blurry images are a bad thing, it was an unnatural feeling to use GIMP to add blur to some of the pictures I had tried so hard to make crisp and clear.

Seriously, it was weird, I really used to think up until this month, why would anyone want a blurry picture? Why is that even an option on photo editors? but I get it now.

I now understand that there is a huge difference between a blurry picture, and one that has been made to look blurry, one is bad photography and the other is good editing. GIMP makes the whole process really easy and it gives you loads of control over which particular things you want to blur, you can use a blur filter, but for these pictures, I used the GIMP blur tool.

And whilst I still haven't made a whole picture blurry, I get that giving certain things in the picture a blur can really help draw your focus.

The desired effect was to draw attention to the 3 people talking 
(I wanted to know what they were talking about!) 

The blur tool in GIMP can shift your attention to certain elements in the picture without removing other elements completely. The effect can be strong or subtle, depending on what you choose.

The blur effect can be big

Or small

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