Friday, 9 June 2017

Editing My Photos: The "Clone" Method In GIMP

As a total beginner to the world of photo editing, I thought that removing an unwanted item from a picture was pretty much witchcraft. I was convinced whoever did that had some serious magical powers, but it turns out what they had was some serious patience.

There were a couple of things I wanted to alter when I started playing around with removing objects, the odd head in the way, power lines etc. I never realised full potential of removing things from photos using the clone method!

Basically, for anyone who has never used it, the clone method in GIMP allows you to select a small area of a picture to clone in order to cover another object with it so it looks as though it has disappeared, when in fact you have just covered it over. I am sure that it has many other uses but I have not figured them out just yet. 

If you try the clone method, I warn you, it's quite addictive! You will soon be removing things from every picture you have! 

Once you have figured out the clone method in GIMP, it's really easy, but incredibly fiddly. All you need to do is go to "Tools" > "Paint Tools" > "Clone" ctrl click on the area you want to clone and then click on the area you want to cover, just ctrl click a different area to change what you are cloning. 

After a few hours of experimenting  with the GIMP clone method, I realised that it's not always about the big things, it's not always about taking a whole person out of the picture. Sometimes, subtle changes can make a huge difference! 

Just cloning a small amount of grass makes it look better! 

Still getting the hang of it and any constructive criticism is always welcome!

Coming up: Truro

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