Thursday, 22 June 2017

Editing My Photos With GIMP: Unsharp Mask

One thing I did not factor in when I thought about taking pictures in Cornwall was sea mist. Kind of an important area to miss I know, but it honestly never occurred to me that sea mist would cause a problem with taking or editing the pictures.

But after taking a few photos on some misty days I soon realised that it would be a challenge to take a clear picture when the sea mist was thick, in fact it was a near impossibility. So I decided to try and edit the ones I had taken using GIMP, still learning all of it's many features I decided to try the "unsharp mask" filter. It is apparently the most popular way to make a picture look sharper (despite it's name it does make pictures look sharper) and at first, like most things in GIMP it seems difficult, but it is actually really easy.

After looking at a tutorial to see how to use unsharp mask in GIMP, I decided to try to use it to make a few pictures I took a couple of months back with a bridge camera a little bit better.

After the first few attempts just made the picture look worse, I decided to look at another tutorial, this time from GIMP and things got a little better, I was losing some colour quality, so I needed to try the long way round to sharpening the picture as suggested on the GIMP website. The results were much better, and even though they are not totally clear, they do look sharper.

The difference isn't huge but it's a little better

                           I used the "burn" tool on this too to add some definition to the background 

Coming up: Curves 

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