Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Editing My Photos:Colour Balance in GIMP

I never realised how much could potentially be done to a picture in editing until I started using GIMP. There are so many things to help improve a photo just a little bit, or a hell of a lot.

Colour balance is something I try really hard to get right with the camera, rather than in editing, but for the pictures below it was my very first time using my DSLR so I hadn't got the settings quite right, so being able to change the yellow tinge in editing has been kind of a blessing but it is still something I would like to avoid having to do as I would like to get it right first time around. But I know that's not always possible.

After trying a few different things to help remove the yellow tinge, I thought colour balance would be my best option, should have gone there first really but oh well. As a beginner, the idea of messing around with colours in my pictures was a bit intimidating, but I knew I needed to give it a go as you never know when you might have to do it.

The original picture.
After adjusting the colour balance.

I didn't do anything fancy, I just played around with it until things looked a bit better than they did before. Adjusting the colour balance is easy and it can help improve the lighting on a picture dramatically.

I am still getting the hang of it, as it's pretty tricky but I would welcome any advice anyone has for me!

I think I may have adjusted the yellow/blue balance too far in this one? 

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