Sunday, 4 June 2017


The historic parish and port of Fowey is located in south Cornwall and is set in one of only 46 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the UK.

Fowey attracts thousands of tourists every year thanks to its historic beauty and maritime charm, the working harbour offers boat and fishing trips for tourists all season long. The view from Fowey harbour is stunning, and there are cafes and pubs along the harbour front that take full advantage of the scenery. You can have dinner or just a coffee and watch the beautiful boats coming in and out of the port.

Fowey church, built in the 14th century is a stunning sight to see and attracts people of all faiths whenever they come to visit. People are welcome to walk around the church and grounds and I would recommend it even if you are not a religious person as the architecture alone is magnificent.

Fowey high street is exactly what you would expect from a Cornish harbour town, there are not a lot of mainstream shops. But it is bursting with local shops, selling handmade things that were crafted with care and love.

The walk around Fowey isn't an easy one, you have to be prepared for some pretty steep trekking to get back up from the town to the car parks, but the view from the top is worth the walk.

If, after all that walking, you fancy a rest, head down to Readymoney Cove, it is a small, but stunning beach with a wonderful beach shop (Readymoney Beach Shop) staffed by a very friendly lady. You can have a dip in the sea or simply watch from the sidelines, either way you are guaranteed some breathtaking views.

Fowey might not be one of the biggest places in Cornwall, but it is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most beautiful.

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