Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Editing My Photos:Selective Colouring in GIMP

Playing with photo editing is really fun and as much as I know it is meant to be used to improve the quality and overall appearance of the image, sometimes it is just cool to play around and see what effects you can create.

Cornwall is a bright and cheerful place on a sunny day, and even in bad weather, the bright splashes of colour that are scattered all over the place are enough to lift the mood a little bit. And grey days are when the little pops of colour need to be appreciated even more.

(It was such a grey day in Newquay that this guys jumper stood out so much)

I thought that finding a way to add colour to my pictures was going to be hard, and when I looked up how to use selective colouring in GIMP, I thought "I am never going to be able to get this" but after ploughing through a confusing tutorial (it was the best one I could find!) I did it, and now I realise how easy it is when you know how!

And I have to admit that selective colouring is such a cool technique I am having to restrain myself from doing it to every single photo that I have! GIMP gives you the option to colour whatever you like and it's really easy to do.

(I'm still learning the finer points of it, but I think am slowly getting there!)

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