Monday, 3 July 2017


Named as Britain's best coastal community 2016, Falmouth is a busy and beautiful place to be. With everything from some stunning coastal views, to a popular high street full of a wide range of shops, it has something to keep everyone happy.

With a working harbour and regular boat trips, you can take in the scenery of Falmouth from the water, or simply stand on the harbour and admire the incredible and expensive boats. If sailing is not for you then there are plenty of shops to choose from, with small, independent shops to bigger chains, you will be sure to find what you are looking for.

If you don't feel like shopping, then you can always sit in one of Falmouth's many lovely cafe's and watch the busy world go by. Or, indulge yourself in a cream tea at the breathtaking Falmouth Hotel (I can vouch for how amazing it is as my wife and I had our wedding reception there)

It's a short, but steep walk from the town centre to the beach, but no matter what the weather it is worth going to take a look. In the summer the sea looks serene and inviting, in the winter, it looks dramatic and eerie.

If you are feeling in a cultural mood, head down to Falmouth Art Gallery, it houses some wonderful works from different artists. It is open Monday to Saturday and is totally free to enter.

Falmouth is an incredibly popular place and it's really easy to see why, it has a beach, a harbour and a town centre all really close together, so it's definitely a place I would recommend!

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