Wednesday, 5 July 2017

St Ives

Possibly one of Cornwall's most famous places, everyone that has heard of Cornwall, has heard of St Ives. Whether it is because of the famous nursery rhyme about the man with seven wives or because it is simply a stunning place to be, there is a very good reason that St. Ives is so incredibly popular. In fact, there are several good reasons.

It's Lively
Even in the off peak season, St Ives is never empty, people come all year round to stay in some of the most beautiful hotels and B&B's in all of the UK. I can personally recommend Tregenna Castle, it's perfect and all of the staff are really friendly too.

It's Stunning
It doesn't matter what season it might be, St Ives is still going to look great, from the beach and harbour views to the winding side streets, there is something stunning to look at.

There's Shopping
There are very few big name shops in St Ives other than the charity shops, but there are endless independent, small shops that are filled with so much more character and care than the bigger names. And the variety is as impressive as the number of shops, you will find something to take home with you that is for sure. The wife and I can't visit without buying at least one thing from "I Should Coco"

The Food
If you get hungry in St Ives, and you will, there are so many incredible places to eat. From sea front restaurants to side street cafes you will find something to satisfy. During peak season, you need to get a good table quickly though as the ones on the sea front fill up fast!

St Ives strikes the perfect balance between busy and peaceful, which is why it is such a popular place to be and a visit to Cornwall wouldn't be complete without a visit to St. Ives.

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